Our Next Regular Meeting Will be on Thursday 20th Feb 2020
When Lodge St Christopher No 1453 Will Confer the E.A. Degree

Annual Burns Supper.. Friday 14th Feb 6.30pm for 7pm

The Lodge will visit Lodge Thistle & Crown No 307 on Tues 18th Feb 
when we will confer the F.C. Degree


The IPM, Bro Fred Christie would like to thank all Brethren for their support throughout the past year and would urge all Member and Visitors to give

RWM Bro John Samual Miller, PM the same support in the coming year..


Please come along and support the Lodge. Don't worry if you haven't attended
for a while, please come along. You will always be afforded a very warm welcome..


To our Brethren; 
If you attend the lodge once in every 2 years the Lodge pays Grand Lodge a Capitation fee for your attendance. 
Please assist by being clear in Lodge books, a small donation would be appreciated towards the Grand Lodge Fee.

Remember it is a requirement of all orders in Freemasonry that you remain in good standing in your Mother Lodge. if you wish to return to good standing a payment of 3 years dues is necessary.

We are always looking for new members, if you wish to join, speak to one of our members or contact the Lodge at 1 Main Street, Neilston.
Please have a look at our contact page to see what Freemasonry is all about or contact the Secretary who will assist you with information.


Message From Bro John Samual Miller, RWM, PM

As Right Worshipful Master I extend to you a warm welcome to the Website of Lodge Thistle & Crown No.1167. 

Whether you are a member of Lodge Thistle & Crown or just a visitor to our website I do hope that you find the various pages of interest.

The Lodge is always seeking new members, ideally men from the local community who consider themselves to be honest and upright citizens with the best interest and welfare of others in the community at heart. Please come and talk to us and find out what Freemasonry has to offer. We have members from all walks of life with the best interests of the community at heart.

If you would like more information please contact the secretary at 1 Main St. Neilston, Glasgow G78 3NN. We would be very happy to explain what we do at Lodge Thistle & Crown and how we contribute to society in general.

Members:  To all members of the Lodge, we would invite you to come along to our regular meetings. If you haven't managed along for a while please be assured you will receive a warm welcome – your ongoing support is invaluable.

To the members who already attend regularly, why not invite a Brother who has not attended for some time to join you for one of our regular meetings and catch up on the local news and meet some of our new Brethren.

Website updates; The website will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure everyone is kept up to date with events in and around Lodge Thistle & Crown and the Village of Neilston.

Thank you for your interest in Lodge Thistle & Crown No 1167


 Why not pay a visit to our website whenever you can and keep us up to date with the latest news.