Lodge Thistle and Crown was originally chartered on 3rd February 1817 with the number 256 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Within a few short years, a re-numbering exercise undertaken in 1822, resulted in the Lodge being allocated the new number 267 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Unfortunately, in 1824 due to local economic conditions described at the time as a "depression" the Lodge was forced into "abeyance". During this period in 1826, a further re-numbering exercise by Grand Lodge allocated Thistle and Crown number 263. Sadly, after almost a quarter of a century of inactivity, the Lodge finally lapsed "into darkness" in 1848.

In April 1917 the local doctor in the village of Neilston, Dr David Pride MD, JP (a member of Lodge Union & Crown, No.307) wrote to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East seeking support for the "resuscitation" of the Lodge. A petition signed by thirty-seven local Masons, and supported by Lodge Paisley St Mirrins, No 129 and Lodge Craigends No 1042 was forwarded to Provincial Grand Lodge and received their support in October of that year.

A Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland to “Thistle & Crown” on 7th February 1918, with the now familiar number of 1167. Over the next forty years, the Lodge met in various places throughout the village of Neilston, including the Public School in High Street and the Glen Halls on Main Street. In the early 1960s, the present building was purchased and converted to the fine Temple you now see. This was extremely fitting, as it had originally been the dwelling house of Dr David Pride MD, Thistle & Crown’s founding Right Worshipful Master.

The premises, which are in a prominent position at the entrance to Neilston, were extended during the 1970s when a social club was added.


The Lodge has recently been sand blasted to remove the paint, pointed and pressure washed to return the exterior to the original finish. Extensive work to the railings and gate has done much to improve the appearance of the property, well done (Allan Blair) Brethren your future assistance in providing materials labour and financial assistance will go along way to improving the overall appearance of the property. A general clean up in our side garden would be a good start.